What are E-Statements?
E-Statements are online versions of the paper statements you normally receive in the mail for your checking and savings accounts.

Do I have to pay for E-Statements?
No, they are free to anyone enrolled in Tompkins Bank of Castile's Internet Banking service.

How do I request E-Statements?
Simply log in to Internet Banking, click "Accounts", and click the "eStatements" button. Click “manage eStatement preferences” and then “edit.” 

Click “go paperless” for each account you would like to receive eStatements on.  Then click “submit.” 

Click “accept” to agree to the terms.  Then click “download confirmation code” and “open.”  Enter the confirmation code into the box on the eStatement screen and click “submit.”

Will I continue to receive my paper statement in the mail?
Once enrolled, you will no longer receive paper statements by mail.

How do I access my E-Statements?
Simply log in to Internet Banking, click "Accounts" and then click the "eStatements" button.

What format do E-Statements come in?
The statements are provided in PDF format, which allows you to save them on your computer or print out when necessary.

How many years of E-Statements may I view in Internet Banking?
Up to 5 years of statements are available.

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