Mobile Banking Instructions - Web Browser

The following sections describe the menu options available with Web Browser Mobile Banking.

Browser is a web link that you use on your phone that's specifically designed for a smartphone screen.  It gives you access to some internet banking functions through a menu option.


The Mobile Banking URL directs you to a login page to enter your username and password. 

 Mobile Login


Once logged in, a balance inquiry returns the available balance for each of your accounts.


Main menu

Once logged in, you may access the Main menu to navigate through all the functionality provided by the Web Browser channel.

Main Menu

Account details

Selecting an account from the balance screen returns the details for that account.

From the Balances Screen click the View link for an Account

Account Details

The account details are displayed

Account Details Displayed


Transactions lists the last five transactions performed against the specified account.

Select Transactions from the Main Menu

Select the account for which to retrieve transactions



The following results screen is returned

Transaction Results

Note: the transaction description is truncated to cater for the small screen sizes of some mobile phones. The full description is available by clicking through to the transaction details.

Transaction Detail

Transfer Between Accounts

Transfers enable you to transfer funds between two accounts.

Select Transfers from the Main Menu

Select the to and from account and provide an amount


The following response is returned.

Transfer Response


Change PIN

This screen allows you to change your Mobile PIN/Password.

Select Change PIN from the Main Menu

Change Pin


Location finder 

The location finder menu option enables you to locate ATMs or banking centers for the bank based on:

  • Zip code
  • City/State  combination

Location Finder via ZIP Code

Select Location Finder from the Main Menu

Location Finder

Enter a zip code and select ATM or Banking Centers

NOTE:  Must enter exact Zip code or city/state that the ATM or Banking Center is located in or to receive a response.

A list of matching locations are returned

Location Match

To view a map for a location the user can click the View Map Link

Location Map

Location finder via City/State combination

The workflow is the same as for finding a location by Zip Code but the screen is accessed by clicking the Or Find by Region link on the locate by Zip Code screen.