VeriSign is the leading Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce, communications, and interactions for Web sites, intranets, and extranets.

What is SSL? 
To prevent others from seeing or capturing the information that is shared between you and the banking systems through the Internet, a personal secure session is created between you and the remote website.  This secure session will not let anyone see what you're sending or receiving.  SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and is a technology that establishes a secure session link between the visitor’s internet explorer (IE, FireFox, Chrome, etc) and our Web site so that all communications transmitted through this link are encrypted. Secure.SSL is also used for transmitting secure email, secure files and other forms of information.  While it is a secure means of communication, it does not protect your computer against viruses or malware that could be capturing key strokes or using other means to obtain personal information. Please refer to the other security information for additional guidance.