Trusteer Rapport Support

Free online support at   

Thousands of our clients have already successfully downloaded Trusteer Rapport and are using it to protect their online transactions. While very few have experienced issues, we want to remind you that Trusteer provides free online technical support.

If you experience an issue in using Rapport, it is very important for you to first contact Trusteer support by clicking here or calling our Internet Banking at 1-888-300-0110 to ensure that the issue is diagnosed properly. (In the few instances where customers have had difficulty, most were resolved simply by adjusting a setting within the software.)  

Frequently Asked Questions section is available for customers who require further information, including:

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to contact Trusteer Support or Internet Banking immediately if an issue occurs to ensure it is diagnosed properly. Most issues can be resolved simply by adjusting a security setting within the software.

If you are having trouble downloading Trusteer Rapport, contact us and let us know.