IronKey Trusted Access for Internet Banking

Are your commercial accounts protected from cybercrime?  Criminals are now stealing hundreds of millions of dollars in schemes that attack commercial Internet Banking clients’ computers. Even though our Internet Banking system is secure, you may still be at risk through weaknesses in your own computer.

Our Solution

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IronKey Trusted Access for Banking helps to protect your Internet Banking activities and allows you to use existing Internet Banking accounts and cash management systems within the protection of a locked-down, portable virtual environment.

The Benefits of IronKey Trusted Access for Banking

  • Protects your personal and commercial online banking session from cybercrime
  • Meets Banking and FBI safe banking guidelines
  • Does not impact your existing computer configuration or settings
  • Will protect your online banking experience even if your computer is infected
  • Is refreshed remotely to provide continual up to date protection

Anti-virus and Anti-malware products are highly recommended, but can only protect against 15% of the cybercrime tools that are available today.

Through our affiliation with Tompkins Financial, Tompkins Bank of Castile is pleased to offer IronKey Trusted Access for Banking to provide a more secure Internet Banking option for our commercial clients.

IronKey DeviceWith Trusted Access for Banking, you simply connect the IronKey portable USB security device to your computer and automatically launch a protected, virtualized environment.

The Trusted Access Browser starts at our bank defined home page and from there you can access any authorized web site.

To protect you from ever-changing malware, Trusted Access for Banking does not rely on potentially compromised and vulnerable applications on the user’s host computer.  A secure, encrypted connection to online banking is made through the IronKey Trusted Network to lock out man-in-the-middle and DNS attacks.  Advanced encrypted keyboard input protects users from keyloggers while entering authentication credentials and other sensitive data.

Deployment of the IronKey Trusted Access for Banking is simple and only requires the completion of an online configuration profile, along with agreeing to the terms and conditions for use of the device. 

Learn how you can get IronKey Trusted Access for Banking or click here to see our frequently asked questions.